A More Affordable Tapfiliate Alternative

Comparing PromoteKit vs. Tapfiliate


    • Free Plan
    • Starting Price (Free)
    • Pricing for $10k/mo in referrals ($39/month)
    • Affiliate link tracking
    • Affiliate promo code tracking
    • Auto-generate promo codes for affiliates
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • Unlimited visitors
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Unlimited team members
    • Advanced commission types
    • Custom affiliate portal domain
    • Private campaigns
    • White-labeled affiliate portal
    • Dark and light mode on dashboard
    • Dark and light mode on affiliate portal
    • Stripe Integration
    • PayPal Mass Payments payouts
    • Wise batch payments payouts
    • Import historical commissions from Stripe


    • Starting Price ($89/month)
    • Pricing for $10k/mo in referrals ($89/month)
    • Affiliate link tracking
    • Unlimited affiliates
    • Unlimited visitors (Only on enterprise plan)
    • Unlimited campaigns (Only on enterprise plan)
    • Unlimited team members (Only on enterprise plan)
    • Advanced commission types (Only on pro plan, $149/mo)
    • Custom affiliate portal domain (Only on pro plan, $149/mo)
    • Private campaigns (Only on pro plan, $149/mo)
    • White-labeled affiliate portal (Only on enterprise plan)
    • Stripe Integration
    • Paddle Integration
    • PayPal Mass Payments payouts

Affiliate Software Purpose Built for Stripe

If you enjoy overpaying for affiliate software, Tapfiliate is a great option. For Stripe users, PromoteKit provides a better solution at a more competitive price point. PromoteKit is consistently ranked as a top affiliate software for Stripe.


PromoteKit keeps things simple - everyone starts on a free plan, no credit card required. If you decide to upgrade to pro for $39/month, you get access to all features. With Tapfiliate, you're required to provide credit card information just to set things up. On top of that, the most helpful features are gated to their $149/month plan.

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Stripe Integration

PromoteKit is laser focused on providing the best possible experience for Stripe users. Unlike Tapfiliate, PromoteKit supports auto generation of Stripe promo codes and historical commission imports from Stripe. All interactions with Stripe can be handled directly from PromoteKit, without copy pasting or manually importing anything.

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Modern Dashboard and Customization

PromoteKit provides a clean, modern UI with support for both light and dark mode. And while you'd be paying Tapfiliate $149/mo for a custom affiliate portal domain or even more than that for a white labeled affiliate portal, PromoteKit provides these features for $39/mo.

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Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, you can stay on our free plan until your affiliates have generated 3 referrals.

Which platforms do you integrate with?

We integrate with Stripe for affiliate tracking, and we integrate with Paypal and Wise for payouts. If you're interested in additional integrations, please reach out.

Is PromoteKit only for SaaS companies?

PromoteKit is built primarily for SaaS companies using Stripe. However, it still works for non SaaS and non subscription businesses, as long as you're using Stripe.

Does PromoteKit work for one-time purchases?

Yes, PromoteKit supports affiliate tracking for both one-time and subscription purchases.

Launch your affiliate program in minutes, not weeks.

We provide the tools you need to set up and launch an affiliate program in less than ten minutes. Don't believe us? Try it out for free.