PromoteKit + Stripe Apps

We're excited to be listed on the Stripe App Marketplace!

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Our goal is to provide the best possible affiliate software for companies selling digital products. Stripe Apps is helping us achieve that vision.

What is Stripe Apps?

Stripe Apps is the new way to build apps on top of Stripe. Stripe Apps replaces the Stripe extensions framework. While the extensions framework required granting all read or all write permissions on your Stripe account, we can now request granular permissions with Stripe Apps. This means that we only have access to certain required permissions on your Stripe account, and you have more visibility into our access.

For more information on Stripe Apps vs Stripe Extensions, check out Stripe's migration article.

Check out our Listings on Stripe!

You can install PromoteKit directly from our Stripe Apps page, or check out our listing on the Stripe Partner directory.

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We provide the tools you need to set up and launch an affiliate program in less than ten minutes. Don't believe us? Try it out for free.